Use Vinyl Film to Redo Your Classic Instead of Paint

Get a Vinyl Wrap Instead of Painting Your Car

Paint wraps are a popular way to achieve limitless color, shade, pattern, and even texture possibilities. Flexible enough to be applied to almost any part of the interior or exterior of the vehicle, vinyl wrapping has become a trendy solution for those seeking a one of a kind build.

Photo: 1966 Chevelle Dragster
Before Vinyl Wrap by Palmer Signs

Possibilities with Vinyl Wrapping

“The possibilities are endless.” With vinyl wrapping, endless possibilities are almost a starting point. Any color can be reproduced, creating photorealistic patterns on a vinyl wrap in a manner that would be almost unthinkable with paint.

faux front bumper wrap 3M silver chrome vinyl

Guaranteed to Turn Heads

This 1966 Chevelle Dragster underwent a full transformation. We brought back the oldfront and rear bumper utilizing Silver Chrome Vinyl and our own custom graphic design. With the Hot Rod Red Vinyl in the mix, there is no doubt that this dragster will be a standt on the drag strip!

full Vinyl Wrap by Palmer Signs

Turn Your Car Into a Masterpiece

Don't paint it. Wrap it!
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